That single life

I will wait to publish this after the New Year. I have always been one to allow a clear perspective to guide me. It’s not easy to done in this season of my life. I try to keep it positive and unemotional.

I am 34 years old, have a Masters, am a Captain in the Army, am editor for an upcoming publication, and am single. For some reason, while I love being single, I feel that time is against me. You see, there are something that I fight daily.

I am a Latina and knew since my brother’s birth, that I wanted to be a mother. I was nine years old and felt a love that only exists on the purist form. He was entrusted in my care daily, to love and care for, his fragile life and happiness was in my hands. I naturally had this maternal instinct that loved him fiercely. For years, in adulthood, I had nightmares that he was dying in my arms. This was my worse fear

Everyday I wake, I feel the biological clock ticking.