We all have to start somewhere!

Join me for the adventure of a lifetime. This is the chronicle of a Cubarican girl’s Beautiful Journey.

I have wanted to share my stories for so long, in hopes to connect with strangers in a way that says, “I love you because I feel you.” I know that I am not rare, special yes, but rare, not quite, because I meet people everywhere I go that have similar awakenings or revelations as mine, however, who ever shares an extremely exciting experience with a random stranger…. I have found that we are in fact closer in spirit than we realize. No matter our backgrounds, our race, or color …. [drum roll] we all need love. I believe that is at the core of every struggle and every victory. It’s all the core of what makes us happy and fulfills us. Sometimes we have to live life and feel its bitter burns to understand real love, to love ourselves, and to contemplate God’s love (it’s mind blowing).

I don’t pretend to know it all, but I do know that love heals…. welcome to the other side, where unicorns and rainbows and mermaids and Captain Hook’s make life adventurous and priceless. I hope you enjoy and if and when you get that pang, of “Oh my God, that happened to me!” you’ll reach out and share!